Ask your boss

Ask your boss: what's keeping them up at night?

This is one of the best advices I’ve come across in my career.

If your boss mentions that he or she was up until midnight working on something, ask them if you could help in any way.

Not to be overly polite or a kiss-ass.

But to seek out opportunities to learn and grow in your role.

So if your boss mentions that she was up until 2 working on some stuff, ask her/him: I know you work on high level things but is there something I can knock off from your daily to-do list that just sucks up your time?"

One, she/he will love you for it.

Two, she/he might move a few things on your plate.

It might be small stuff like photocopying, faxing or mundane administrative tasks at first. But when they see how much initiative you’re willing to take, they’ll feel more confident in your abilities to take on bigger projects. They’ll be happy to give you more responsibilities and help you grow.

unsplash-logoUroš Jovičić