Tools for Prototyping

An overhead shot of a notebook and a pen next to a MacBook and a camera

Five years ago, I was working on a personal web project and failing miserably in communicating my “grand vision” to remote developers. I tried explaining using examples of websites that I liked, but the end result was that the developers I was working with ended up copying/pasting the designs exactly as shown.

I was frustrated.

So I decided to sketch out my ideas.

The actual process of prototyping and talking about it with the developers ended up being so much fun — I was hooked.

Call it a wireframe, a mockup or a prototype, creating one is an important skill to learn and master for a Business Analyst, especially if you work in the product/digital space.

Here is a list of resources to help you get started.



I’ve personally used and can recommend these tools. My favorite is balsamiq. It’s fast, easy to use, and best fits the scope of design work that I currently need to do. For an extended list of available tools, check out this article by
Remember: You can always choose to stay analog and just use pen + paper or marker + whiteboard. Simple is beautiful. Sometimes, that is really all you need. Here are some templates to give you a boost.

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