Your dream job

Today marks a major milestone in my professional career as a Business Analyst.

But three years ago, I couldn’t even have imagined doing what I’m doing today and being so blissfully happy doing it. At the time, I had a weird combination of skills that didn’t quite fit together to form a cohesive skill set applicable to any career path I was aware of. What’s worse — my interests changed like the wind.

I was a total commitment-phobe when it came to pursuing any career path.

Things could have gone really, really bad.

But they didn’t.

If I look back today, I feel things started to turn around when I finally let go of many preconceived notions I had been carrying with me like an albatross around the neck:
  • That I must find my dream job.
  • That I must find that one thing I could do for the rest of my life.
  • That my disparate skills, interests and quirks could not fit together to build a remarkable career.
I stopped waiting. I started doing. I constantly took steps forward, big and small.

I let my dream job come find me.

unsplash-logoKelli Stirrett